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Rick Scott's Record Speaks For Itself

Rick Scott’s Record Speaks For Itself


FDP Spokeswoman Caroline Rowland released the following statement on Rick Scott’s “woefully inadequate” gun legislation.


“Rick Scott always says whatever he thinks will help himself, but his record speaks for itself: for eight years, he made Floridians less safe from gun violence. He oversaw cuts to school safety programs, slashed mental health funding and opposed every significant gun safety effort. In the 612 days between the Pulse tragedy and the Parkland shooting, Scott did nothing. He won’t answer why he’s ignoring the clear call from the Parkland students and gun safety advocates for a ban on assault rifles, but we will – he’s more interested in looking out for his own political interests and his gun lobby backers than taking meaningful action to make Floridians safer from gun violence.”


From The Wall Street Journal: “Pamela Goodman, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida, called Mr. Scott’s proposals ‘woefully inadequate.’”


From WMNF: “Gun safety advocates slam most plans by Rick Scott & Florida Legislature.”


From The Tallahassee Democrat, Patricia Brigham, co-chair, Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence:


The ban on assault weapons was the No. 1 message coming from the students that traveled to Tallahassee and have been speaking consistently with courage, with passion and with a fierceness on that issue that issue along has seemingly fallen on deaf ears.”


Raising the age limit does nothing to resolve this issue. There are numerous mass shooters who have been over age 21. For example, the Pulse nightclub shooter was 29. The Sutherland Springs church shooter was 26. And in San Bernardino, the shooter’s age, 28 and 27. So we should not be focused on age restrictions. We should be pursuing an outright ban as the root of this issue. once we accomplish this ban, age restrictions, we believe, are immaterial.”


From The New York Times: Parkland Survivor “Melanie Weber, 16, said she was not impressed by the governor’s proposal to raise the age to buy firearms from 18 to 21. ‘The shooter in Las Vegas was in his 50s and the Pulse shooter was 29,’ she said, rattling off a grim list of previous mass shootings.”


From The Sun SentinelEditorial: Gov. Rick Scott, President Trump wrong on shooting responses. “After Sandy Hook, Pulse, the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting or any other mass shooting, Scott did nothing on guns or school safety. Now he faces a likely Senate campaign and an angry electorate. His responses…skirt the main problem. And in November, an angry electorate will remember.

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