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DeSantis Sides with NRA, Wants More Guns in Schools

DeSantis Sides with NRA, Wants More Guns in Schools 


After weeks of ignoring the Parkland tragedy, Ron DeSantis today came out against the gun reforms demanded by Parkland students and any effort to implement gun safety measures.


In a long and rambling statement, DeSantis announced that he opposes both Governor Rick Scott and House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s plan to raise the minimum age for buying firearms. He also came out in favor of arming teachers — a proposal that has been fiercely opposed by Parkland students and a strong majority of Floridians.


DeSantis’ announcement is a clear win for the gun lobby, and just the latest sign that even as Floridians demand gun safety laws, the Republican gubernatorial field remains under the thumb of Marion Hammer and the NRA. Just yesterday, Adam Putnam announced that he also would not support raising the minimum age for purchasing firearms. 


“Today, Ron DeSantis made it clear that he doesn’t care about ending gun violence and will actively oppose the #NeverAgain movement if elected governor,” said FDP spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “Instead of addressing gun violence, DeSantis wants to put guns in our schools — jeopardizing the safety of our students and teachers.”


DeSantis’ opposition to President Negron and Speaker Corcoran’s bill is just the latest sign of deep Republican divisions over how to address gun violence. This morning, The Tampa Bay Times reported that “opposition is growing” to Speaker Richard Corcoran’s gun control package. Republican lawmakers have even admitted to not wanting to vote for the bill, saying “getting the votes is ‘a problem’ because of the age 21 restriction,” a proposal that the NRA is against. 


Donald Trump — who has endorsed DeSantis — called politicians who oppose raising the minimum age for gun purchases “afraid” of the NRA. DeSantis has received $19,219 from the gun lobby over the course of his political career.

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