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Florida Democratic Party to Hold u200b#VoteThemOut u200bDay of Action

Florida Democratic Party to Hold ​#VoteThemOut ​Day of Action

#VoteThemOut Day of Action follows Republican response to Parkland tragedy


Florida Democrats are urging those fed up with the continued failed leadership of Republicans in Tallahassee to join them in the statewide #VoteThemOut Day of Action on Saturday, March 10.


Hundreds of people throughout the state will make phone calls and register people to vote on Saturday, March 10, to show that Democrats are prepared and committed to make real change this November. They plan to show Rick Scott, Richard Corcoran and other Republicans that no seat is safe.


“This is a statewide effort in response to the fact that this legislation does not go far enough to prevent another mass shooting,” said FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo.


“Republican lawmakers did not listen to the Parkland students or the majority of Floridians when they ​put forth legislation ​which places more guns in schools and does not include an assault weapons ban or expanded background checks. ​By refusing to include these gun safety measures, Florida Republicans signaled that the NRA’s opinion matters more than their constituents and they need to know that if they won’t listen to their ​voters they will be voted out.”


The effort is being lead by the Florida Democratic Party with DEC’s and partnering organizations holding more than 30 grassroots events across the state​ and a statewide virtual phone bank​. ​The focus is to do something Governor Scott and Republicans in t​he legislature did not do — listen to voters about what they believe responsible gun safety legislation should include. And to remind all Florida voters that Republican leadership in Tallahassee voted down assault rifle bans and background checks on multiple occasions and we have the power, as voters, to vote them out.


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