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In Cringe-Worthy TV Interview, Adam Putnam Confirms That He’s Still a Proud #NRASellout

In Cringe-Worthy TV Interview, Adam Putnam Confirms That He’s Still a Proud #NRASellout


Putnam Joins DeSantis in Saying He Does Not Support New Gun Law


In a cringe-worthy TV interview this evening, Fox 13 Tampa’s Craig Patrick repeatedly asked Adam Putnam to explain what he meant last year when he said he was a “proud NRA sellout.” Putnam dodged the questions and refused to walk back his infamous “NRA sellout” comments. And in a sign of his close ties to the gun lobby, Putnam also announced that he would not have signed the new gun bill being challenged in court by the NRA.



PATRICK: I’m confused by the use of the term sellout. Had you said you’re a proud NRA supporter I would get that. A sellout means either a traitor or more commonly someone who compromises his or her own convictions for personal gain You said the term sellout. Did you mean that?


PUTNAM: It, look, as I said, it’s so important for people not to confuse those who are proud firearms owners, proud Second Amendment advocates, proud shooters, proud hunters, proud collectors with the monster who perpetrated this terrible act at Parkland high school.


PATRICK: I get all that, but I’m still confused by this word sellout. A sellout, meaning giving one’s beliefs for personal ambition or gain. Do you still embrace the term sellout?


PUTNAM: I embrace our rights to safely and responsibly exercise the Second Amendment.

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