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ICYMI: Republican Senator slams Rick Scott’s administration for handling of Parkland shooter

ICYMI: Republican Senator slams Rick Scott’s administration for handling of Parkland shooter


Senate Judiciary Chair: “Governor’s proposal ‘dropped the ball’ and ‘let the American people down’”


A prominent Senate Republican harshly criticized Rick Scott and a key agency in his administration after they “dropped the ball” and “let the American people down” leading up to the Parkland tragedy, according to a Politico report. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley “issued a rare public criticism of fellow Republican Rick Scott’s child-welfare agency on Wednesday.”


Scott’s Department of Children and Families Secretary Michael Carroll refused to appear and testify for the Senate hearing, much as Scott himself refused to stand before the Parkland community at a town hall following the massacre of 17 student and teachers. This is in stark contrast to Sen. Bill Nelson, who testified in the congressional hearing and attended the emotional town hall focused on school safety and commonsense gun reform.


Politico, 3/14/2018, In rare Republican rebuke, Grassley blasts Scott’s DCF


“The criticisms of Scott’s appointee from another Republican are rare and also led Democrats to accuse Scott of having a double standard for failing to call out Carroll, while having demanded that FBI Director Christopher Wray resign after the federal agency admitted it failed to act on tips identifying Cruz as a potential threat before his rampage left 17 dead and 17 wounded.”


“While neither Carroll nor Israel appeared at Wednesday’s Senate committee hearing in Washington, Scott’s possible 2018 opponent, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, spoke briefly before the committee and called for a ban on ‘assault weapons’ like the AR-15 allegedly used by Cruz and the Sig Sauer MCX tactical rifle fired by Omar Mateen in 2016 when he killed 49 people at the Pulse night club in Orlando.”


“’We’ve had our fill of this in Florida over the last two years,’ said Nelson, who highlighted his bipartisan working relationship with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).”

“Grassley’s criticisms also could have a political dimension as well now that Scott is eyeing a bid for Senate this year.”


“’Michael Carroll, Secretary of Florida’s Department of Children and Families, was also invited,’ Grassley said. ‘His department investigated and interviewed the shooter before the attack and then appears to have dropped the ball. He, too, has refused to appear, even though Governor Scott didn’t oppose his attendance.’”


“Later Wednesday, Ryan Petty, the father of slain 14-year-old Parkland student Alaina Petty, referenced the failures of government at all levels. ‘Forgive me, then, if I do not believe government is the ultimate solution,’ Petty said. ‘Our trust in our institutions and our officeholders is deeply shaken. Our broken hearts will cry out every moment of every day for the rest of our lives.’”

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