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DeSantis, Putnam Make Clear That They’re Still Proud NRA Sellouts

DeSantis, Putnam Make Clear That They’re Still Proud NRA Sellouts


For the second week in a row, Adam Putnam and Ron DeSantis are under intense criticism for their opposition to gun violence protection. In a press call this morning, Congressman Ted Deutch and Representative Jared Moskowitz “shredded” the Republican candidates for their opposition to gun violence protection. Moskowitz specifically challenged the two to debate. Team DeSantis declined the offer. The Putnam camp, whose candidate proudly calls himself an NRA Sellout, responded by saying that Parkland elected officials were “politicizing the tragedy.”


The controversy is just the latest sign that DeSantis and Putnam’s refusal to address gun violence protection is set to dominate both the Republican primary and general election. For weeks, Putnam has struggled to explain his reaction to the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Last Monday, Putnam participated in a brutal interview with Fox 13 Tampa’s Craig Patrick in which he repeatedly refused to disavow his past comments calling himself a “proud #NRASellout.” The next day, he got the same questions from Jimmy Cefalo, and once again struggled to explain both his allegiance to the gun lobby and the fact that he is adamantly opposed to any form of gun violence protection.


Putnam’s decision to stand by his NRA sellout comments shows the depth of his commitment to the gun lobby. The NRA has already signaled that they plan to play a big role in attacking any candidate who embraces even the bare minimum of gun violence protection — and Putnam and DeSantis are clearly noticing.





Congressman Ted Deutch and state Rep. Jared Moskowitz shredded U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis and Florida Ag Commish Adam Putnam — Republicans in a heated race to succeed Gov. Rick Scott — over a new school-safety law and gun regulations in general. The Florida Dems — who aren’t running for governor, as far as we know — spoke to reporters during a conference call Monday morning, with Moskowitz challenging both “empty suit” Putnam and DeSantis to a debate on the issue.


Tampa Bay Times: Rep. Jared Moskowitz challenges Ron DeSantis, Adam Putnam to debate on guns

Florida Democrats had some harsh words Monday for two Republicans running for governor. In a fiery conference call, U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, and state Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Coral Springs, called out Republicans Ron DeSantis and Adam Putnam for their stances on gun reform.



Fox News 13 Tampa: Putnam: Would not have signed school gun bill

“Craig also asked Putnam to explain why he previously described himself as a ‘proud NRA sellout’ last year. He responded by stressing his support for the Second Amendment.”


ON WIOD, Putnam Is Grilled for Sellout Comments and Refusing to Take Action to Address Gun Violence

In an interview with Jimmy Cefalo, Putnam once again struggled to explain why he called himself an NRA sellout. Cefalo also pressed Putnam on why he didn’t even support putting up any “roadblocks” to prevent dangerous individuals like the Parkland killer from gaining access to firearms.


On WFLA, Putnam: “I’m not the gun control candidate”

In an interview on WFLA, Putnam proclaimed that “I’m not the gun control candidate” and once again blamed gun violence on video games.

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