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Putnam Appears on NRA TV to Blame #NeverAgain on “the Liberal Media”

Putnam Appears on NRA TV to Blame #NeverAgain on “the Liberal Media”


On a Show Sponsored by a Bullet Manufacturer, Putnam Embraces Being an #NRASellout


Yesterday, proud #NRASellout Adam Putnam appeared on NRA TV to criticize the student-led #NeverAgain movement to tackle gun violence prevention. In a 16-minute interview on Cam & Co. (a show sponsored by the bullet manufacturer Hornady), Putnam attacked Florida’s new gun law and insisted that that the #NeverAgain movement’s call for gun violence prevention was just something that “the left wing media wants and is pushing.” Putnam also had harsh words for Rick Scott’s Department of Children and Families, blaming the department for oversights that directly led to the Parkland massacre.

Sometimes A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words


Putnam has received harsh criticism for opposing even the bare minimum of gun violence prevention. Yesterday on a press call, Congressman Ted Deutch and Representative Jared Moskowitz called out Putnam for refusing to stand up to the gun lobby. And today, Pulse survivor Brandon Wolf tweeted that Putnam’s appearance on the NRA network showed the GOP candidate is “as out of touch as humanly possible”:

Tallahassee Democrat: Putnam, DeSantis slammed for opposing new gun law; both say restrictions unconstitutional

On Monday, two South Florida Democrats slammed the leading Republican gubernatorial contenders for their criticism of  the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act.


WGCU News: Parkland Politicians Call Out Republican Gubernatorial Candidates, Republicans Respond

Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Coral Springs, and U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-FL, said that Florida Republican gubernatorial candidates Ag Commissioner Adam Putnam and U.S. Rep DeSantis, R-FL, had less-than-desirable responses to the Valentine’s Day school shooting that left 17 dead.



Congressman Ted Deutch and state Rep. Jared Moskowitz shredded U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis and Florida Ag Commish Adam Putnam — Republicans in a heated race to succeed Gov. Rick Scott — over a new school-safety law and gun regulations in general. The Florida Dems — who aren’t running for governor, as far as we know — spoke to reporters during a conference call Monday morning, with Moskowitz challenging both “empty suit” Putnam and DeSantis to a debate on the issue.


Tampa Bay Times: Rep. Jared Moskowitz challenges Ron DeSantis, Adam Putnam to debate on guns

Florida Democrats had some harsh words Monday for two Republicans running for governor. In a fiery conference call, U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, and state Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Coral Springs, called out Republicans Ron DeSantis and Adam Putnam for their stances on gun reform.


Politico: Florida GOP governor candidates rebut Democrats’ attack over gun control law

The Democratic attacks against the Republican gubernatorial candidates offer a preview of what lies ahead in this year’s campaign as Democrats see gun control as a potent issue against some Republicans.

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