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ICYMI: AP: Rick Scott’s Administration Ordered Key Change to Bridge

ICYMI: AP: Rick Scott’s Administration Ordered Key Change to Bridge

Sun Sentinel Editorial: Scott Trying To “Duck Blame” As He Has With Other Tragedies


In response to new reports demonstrating Rick Scott misled the people of Florida and that his administration had a “integral” role in the tragic FIU bridge project – and a new editorial highlighting how Scott is trying to “duck blame” for the bridge collapse like he did with the nursing home tragedy and the Parkland shooting — spokesman Sebastian Kitchen of the Florida Democratic Party released the following statement:


“Rick Scott is continuing his clear pattern: misleading Floridians and looking out for himself whenever there is a tragedy under his watch. There is now indisputable evidence that, despite Scott’s blatant effort to deceive Floridians, his administration played a ‘key role’ in this bridge project. Scott and his administration should be focused on finding answers and preventing future tragedies – instead he’s pushing his typical self-serving and dishonest politics at Floridian’s expense.”


See for yourself:


Associated Press, 3/20/2018, FDOT was not only intimately involved in the bridge project, but ordered changes


Sun-Sentinel: 3/20/2018, State wrong to duck blame in pedestrian bridge collapse


News 13 Orlando, 3/19/2018, Questions on FDOT involvement in FIU bridge project mount


VIDEO: Rick Scott: “Clearly, FIU picked everybody.”


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