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Rick Scott Stop A Reminder of His Failed Leadership on Nursing Homes, & Self-Serving Politics

Rick Scott Stop A Reminder of His Failed Leadership on Nursing Homes, & Self-Serving Politics

AP: Scott cell-phone a “bottleneck” during recent nursing home hurricane tragedy, Scott “grandstanding to boost his likely Senate campaign.”



In response to Rick Scott’s tone deaf press conference at a nursing facility, Florida Democratic Party spokesman Sebastian Kitchen released the following statement:


“Floridians remember Rick Scott’s real record of making seniors less safe – like how he slashed protections for seniors throughout his administration and how he deleted the voicemail messages he received from nursing homes pleading for help during Hurricane Irma. He didn’t answer their calls and 12 individuals tragically died. But Scott still refused to accept responsibility for his actions, just as he did with Parkland and the FIU bridge. It’s all just more proof Scott is a self-serving politician who cannot be trusted to be honest with the people of Florida. ” 


What They’re Saying About Rick Scott’s Tragic, Deceitful and Unacceptable Record Making Seniors Less Safe:


Associated Press, 1/12/2018, Nursing homes swamped Florida governor’s phone after Irma


CBS Miami, 9/22/2017, Nursing Home Voicemails To Governor Deleted


Newsweek, 9/25/2017, Florida Governor Rick Scott May Have Broken The Law By Deleting Pleas for Help From Nursing Home Where 11 Died


CBS Miami, 11/6/2017, Exclusive: Woman Who Called Governor Before Nursing Home Deaths Expected “Better Response”


Tallahassee Democrat, 11/6/2017, Retirees want Legislature to investigate Gov. Rick Scott’s “ineptness”




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