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Shameless: Adam Putnam Passed Law That Made Him Millions, Now He Claims He's the Victim

Shameless: Adam Putnam Passed Law That Made Him Millions, Now He Claims He’s the Victim


Today, Politico Florida reported that Adam Putnam passed legislation in 1999 that led to a land deal between the state of Florida and his family that netted the Putnam family $25 million. After the deal, congressional financial disclosures show that the amount of income Putnam received from his family’s company jumped from between $50,001 and $100,000 to $1,000,000 and $5,000,000.


In a bizarre response to Politico’s investigation, the Putnam campaign insisted that it was the Putnam family — not the Florida taxpayers — who were the true victims of the deal.


“Adam Putnam is the ultimate swamp monster, enriching himself on the backs of Florida taxpayers,” said FDP spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “Putnam is so out of touch with Florida voters that his campaign is calling him the victim of a land deal that made him millions. Putnam literally fleeced Florida taxpayers for millions of dollars — and now wants them to feel bad for him.”


The Politico revelations come just a day after Putnam refused to pay farmers for orange trees that were destroyed by the Department of Agriculture. It’s just the latest sign that Putnam operates by a double standard — and is happy to profit off taxpayer money even while refusing to properly compensate farmers.


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