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Florida Democratic Party Launches Self-Serving Scott Campaign

Florida Democratic Party Launches Self-Serving Scott Campaign


Florida leaders joined the Florida Democratic Party on Friday to kick off the Self-Serving Scott campaign with a conference call to remind voters about Rick Scott’s self-serving record of passing the blameleaving behind more than half of the stateenriching himselfgutting public educationnot expanding health careturning his back on the environment, and deceiving the people of the state – willing to say anything to get elected.


Congressman Darren Soto and Senator Gary Farmer, in a call with reporters on Friday, pointed out Scott’s lack of accountability and leadership. People can listen to the call here.


“We need leaders who take responsibility for their actions. Because inaction has cost us lives here in the state of Florida,” Soto said after referring to Scott deflecting blame after nursing home deaths following Hurricane Irma, the massacre at Parkland and the collapse of the FIU bridge. The state was involved in all three despite Scott indicating otherwise.

“You’ve got a pattern here where our governor will not accept blame,” Farmer added in the call.


The Florida Democratic Party and Democratic leaders and activists are reminding Floridians of Rick Scott’s record ahead of his expected run for U.S. Senate. They will host a variety of events, including voter registration drives, press conferences and calls. 



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