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On Anniversary Of Self-Serving Scott’s Broken Promise To Expand Medicaid, Floridians Speak Out

On Anniversary Of Self-Serving Scott’s Broken Promise To Expand Medicaid, Floridians Speak Out

Scott “lied” about expanding Medicaid, putting his own self-serving politics over Floridian’s health care


On a press conference call this morning to mark the anniversary of Rick Scott’s broken campaign promise to expand Medicaid, State Senator Annette Taddeo joined Floridians from across the state to speak out against Scott’s self-serving politics and dishonesty – and to discuss how Scott’s broken promise increased health care costs and slashed coverage for hardworking families.


“Rick Scott has repeatedly deceived the people of Florida, but this is one of the most glaring examples of his dishonesty,” said State Senator Annette Taddeo. “After lying to them in 2013 ahead of an election and saying he would expand Medicaid, Rick Scott turned his back on 800,000 Floridians after the election and refused to expand Medicaid. His self-serving decision has hurt the people of Florida, increased insurance costs, kept more than 800,000 people from insurance, hurt hospitals, and kept billions of dollars out of the state of Florida. Our dollars. Today’s anniversary is a reminder of exactly what Floridians don’t like about Rick Scott. He is a self-serving politician who will say anything to get elected and cannot be trusted. He only looks out for himself – not the people of Florida.”


Taddeo was joined on the call by Floridians who shared their personal stories about how Scott’s self-serving politics on the issue of health care has hurt them and their families.


“This governor is not our friend…We certainly don’t need him in the U.S. Senate,” said Karen Clay of Tampa who discussed the difficulty in managing care for her adult son Michael.  


Rick Scott’s broken Medicaid promise is one of the most glaring examples of his self-serving politics and dishonesty. In an effort to boost his 2014 political campaign Scott said “I cannot, in good conscience, deny the uninsured access to care” and that it would be a “compassionate, common-sense step forward.” But on April 6th 2015, Scott broke his promise and admitted his previous pledge was a “ruse.” In response, editorials said Scott “lied,” that he was the “state’s worst governor in the last half-century, and he attempted to “duck responsibility for the health care crisis he has created.” His decision increased costs and stripped away health care coverage for 800,000. And now Scott is backing the GOP’s health care agenda that would increase premiums, impose an age tax on older Americans and slash coverage for pre-existing conditions while giving himself a tax break. His most recent Medicaid proposal would further slash coverage and raise health care costs for tens of thousands of Floridians.


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