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Self-Serving Scott’s Week in Review: Judge Not Playing Games with Scott, Still Fighting Disclosure, Administration Goes Before Grand Jury About Incentives Deal, Senator Slams Scott for Dishonesty

Self-Serving Scott’s Week in Review: Judge Not Playing Games with Scott, Still Fighting Disclosure, Administration Goes Before Grand Jury About Incentives Deal, Senator Slams Scott for Dishonesty



Rick Scott will begin his Senate run just as be began his run for governor – under a cloud of suspicion. When Scott announces he is running for a Senate office he’s trying to buy, his administration will have just appeared before a federal grand jury investigating a Russian-tied arms dealer Scott’s administration knew was likely skirting US sanctions, but offered state incentives to anyway. At the same time, he is still in court fighting to hide his finances. A judge harshly chastised him for playing games with people’s constitutional rights.


State Senator Taddeo Hits Scott for Dishonesty and Deceit. State Senator Annette Taddeo, on the third anniversary of Rick Scott’s broken Medicaid promise, slammed Scott for his deceit, dishonesty, and placing “politics above the people of Florida and their health care.”

“He is a self-serving politician who will say anything to get elected and cannot be trusted. He only looks out for himself – not the people of Florida,” Taddeo said.


Rick Scott “Hiding His Money and Finances from the People of Florida.” Rick Scott’s secretive financial account will have to be disclosed if he runs for Senate, but he is still fighting in court over his refusal to disclose assets as governor. Scott’s used his secret account to hide his conflicts of interest and how he’s used his position as governor to enrich himself by at least $46 million.


Judge To Scott: “This Court Does Not Play Games” Rick Scott not only chose to appeal a ruling that his method for restoring voting rights was political and unconstitutional, but did it on the 50th anniversary of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. The judge responded quickly and harshly, even pointing to Scott’s childlike responses:


The judge was also clear about what he thought of Scott’s motivations – his “personal stakes in shaping the electorate” in condemning the repeated attempts to deprive people of their voting rights just before Scott enters the Senate race.


Columnist: “Rick Scott loves spending your tax dollars to fight his court battles” – Another report highlights how Self-Serving Scott has spent tens of millions of your dollars to defend himself after he blatantly disregards the law, from his private email scandal and violations of Sunshine laws to his defense of his unconstitutional policies, like Docs Vs. Glocks and defunding women’s health care.


Scott Administration Knew Company It Offered Incentives Was Likely Skirting Russian Sanctions. The Russian-linked company Scott’s administration pushed incentives for is located just 20 miles from Parkland and sells AK-47s. The Parkland shooter owned an AK-47. A federal grand jury has subpoenaed records from the administration and they appeared in court on Thursday.


Mayors Push Back on Scott for Not Allowing Them to Protect Their CommunitiesRick Scott was hoping after passing one woefully inadequate measure that a majority of Floridians, who support commonsense gun reform, would forget he has been an avid NRA supporter for seven years and was praised by the gun lobby for passing more pro-gun legislation than any other governor. Several mayors stood up this week to fight back, after Scott and fellow Republicans had stopped them from pushing commonsense measures to protect people in their own communities. They want amphitheaters and city halls to be gun free, and to block the sale of military-style rifles. Rick Scott made their ability to do that illegal.



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