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Rick Scott is an Enemy of Seniors and Working Families

Rick Scott is an Enemy of Seniors and Working Families


(Washington, DC) —  Below is a statement from Jon “Bowzer” Bauman, President of Social Security Works PAC, in response to Governor Rick Scott entering the Florida Senate race: 


“Rick Scott wants to destroy Social Security by privatizing it. That would be a disaster for the 1.7 million Florida seniors who would be living in poverty without Social Security’s modest but vital benefits. Scott’s record on Medicare is no better: He was CEO of Columbia/HCA when they were fined $1.7 billion for one of the largest Medicare frauds in history. 


The governor showed yet again that he doesn’t value seniors when he deleted frantic voicemails from a nursing home asking for help during Hurricane Irma. Twelve seniors ultimately died of overheating at that nursing home. Scott has a long history of putting his own best interests and those of his donors above the best interests of seniors and working families. He does not belong in the US Senate.”


Social Security Works PAC is the political arm of Social Security Works, a non-profit organization fighting to expand Social Security, expand Medicare, and lower prescription drug prices. 


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