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What They’re Saying: Self-Serving Scott Enters Race to Barrage of Criticism

What They’re Saying: Self-Serving Scott Enters Race to Barrage of Criticism


Local and state leaders including educators, state workers, mayors, state lawmakers, a Pulse survivor and political observers have not forgotten how Rick Scott’s self-serving tenure as governor has hurt the people of this state. They are chastising him for his willingness to say anything to get elected, for looking out for himself and misleading Floridians.


Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott announces Senate run in Orlando “Scott, a 65-year-old disgraced former health care executive, used his millions to eke out narrow wins in both races for governor. He frequently generated controversy during his governorship, and he’s not well-liked by Floridians”


Tampa Bay Times: Federal complaint alleges Rick Scott’s PAC illegally skirted fundraising restrictions “Even before formally kicking off his campaign Monday, ‘he was already manipulating the law to serve himself. He’s used shady political tricks to advance his own ambitions, and it’s no wonder why Floridians don’t trust him to look out for them,’ said End Citizens United Communication Director Adam Bozzi. ‘Scott won’t be able to play Florida voters for fools and they see right through his attempt to rig the system in his favor.’” 


Orlando Weekly Op-Ed from Pulse Survivor Brandon Wolf: Op-Ed: Rick Scott does not care about us “Like everything else he has done in our state, Scott’s announcement shows just how out of touch with reality he is. Governor Scott has repeatedly slashed funding for mental health resources, pummeled the middle class with his egregious budget plans, and worked tirelessly to make life harder for those who need help the most.”


Sun Sentinel Editorial: Trump, Gov. Rick Scott too slippery on oil drilling “Our worry, though, are the Florida beaches that define this state and support the tourism industry. If you think that President Trump and Gov. Scott are playing election-year politics with drilling, you’re right.”


WJXT: Dems attack Gov. Scott on website, in ad following Senate run announcement “This blind trust is nothing but a sham so he could personally profit while he was in public office,” Ion Sancho, former Leon County supervisor of elections, said.


Sun Sentinel: AR-15s share the ballot in Scott, Nelson Senate race And for Scott, no death toll – from 26 killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut to 49 dead at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando – could shake his defense of the right to bear assault weapons. It seems that 17 dead in Parkland didn’t change that for Scott.”


Sun Sentinel: Democrats also plan to fault Scott over his record while governor “Floridians will have the benefit of a clear-eyed view of a truly dismal record,” said Dan Gelber, a former state senator and now Miami Beach mayor. “Floridians won’t forget the damage Rick Scott’s self-serving politics have done these last 7 years, no matter how he tries to change his spots and obscure his record.”


Florida Politics: Audrey Gibson pans Rick Scott Senate launch, lauds ‘moderate’ Bill Nelson “Rick Scott cannot erase seven years of leaving behind my constituents and others throughout this state and now try to take his same show to Washington. … Our families and our quality of life deserve better.”


ABC Action News: Anti-Scott rallies held as Florida’s Governor announces bid for U.S. Senate Rick Scott’s candidacy announcement for U.S. Senate prompted anti-Scott rallies in Tampa and St. Pete.


Florida Politics: Email insights: State workers blast Rick Scott for “record of failure” “AFSCME said in a Monday email that Gov. Rick Scott’s announcement he would run for U.S. Senate against Bill Nelson was met with ‘fear and disgust’ by state employees. ‘Not once as governor did Scott take the lead in investing in Florida’s services and those who provide them. He looked at the men and women who wake up every day and make Florida happen as his enemy,’ said AFSCME, which represents 100,000 Florida workers.”


Florida Politics: FEA lays into Scott’s record on education “A candidate who cares so little about our public schools — and our students, teachers and staff — doesn’t deserve another job on the public dime,” FEA said in the email.


National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare: Rick Scott the Wrong Choice for FL Seniors; NCPSSM Endorses Bill Nelson “During his 2010 gubernatorial campaign, Scott advocated privatizing Medicare, Medicaid and veterans’ health services. He appeared sympathetic to the idea of privatizing Social Security, as well. Last year, he endorsed the Republican plan to block-grant Medicaid, which could lead to huge funding cuts and reduced eligibility – or loss of coverage – for 4.3 million low income Floridians.”


News Service Of Florida: The Weekly Check Up: Scott Medicaid Flip-flop RevisitedTaddeo, a Miami Democrat, said Scott could not be ‘trusted’ and ‘will say anything to get elected.’ She said he campaigns as a moderate but reverts to conservative positions once he is in power. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee earlier this week launched a website called that also highlighted Scott’s changing positions on Medicaid expansion.”


NPR: As Rick Scott Eyes Senate, Evolving Florida Governor Faces Toughest Test Yet “The Trump factor could also drag Scott down. The Florida governor was an early Trump supporter and the president has urged him to run for the Senate. If this election, as many analysts believe, becomes largely a referendum on the president, Scott’s close relationship with Trump could become a major liability. Even though Trump carried the state in 2016, a Quinnipiac University Poll in late February found the president’s numbers are now underwater, with 54 percent of voters disapproving of the job Trump’s done so far and just 42 percent approving.”


Joe Henderson: Guns and Trump form backdrop of Rick ScottThe X factor is whether the slaughter of innocents at Parkland brings out thousands of new voters. If so, it could turn the election in Nelson’s favor. Although Scott pushed through and signed a law imposing modest gun restrictions after 17 people were shot to death at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, he still is closely identified with the National Rifle Association.”


Politico Pro Florida: Scott draws environmentalists’ ire in Senate bid Environmentalists blasted Gov. Rick Scott’s environmental record on Monday as the two-term governor announced his bid for a Senate seat.



Matt Deitsch @MattxRed: Rick Scott signed nothing in regards to gun reform after Pulse. 612 days later. Parkland happens. Did he say anything about Liberty City? Rick Scott has done more for the NRA than for the lives of his constituents. He is an unjust, immoral politician.


Pod Save America @PodSaveAmerica: We would prefer Rick Scott not get elected to the Senate because he’s a right-wing ideologue whose policies hurt Florida and the country.


Craig Pittman @craigtimes: .@FLGovScott refuses to talk to #Florida reporters at his U.S. Senate campaign kickoff, meaning he will run the way he has governed — ducking questions every chance he gets.


Shripal Shah @shripal734: Rick Scott has been preparing to announce his Senate run for months now so there’s no reason to wait – he should release his financial disclosure form immediately. #flsen


John Kennedy @JKennedyReport: [email protected] mangles the FB U.S. Senate announcement. But does say he’ll make sure “Washington works for us.” Promises “it’s going to be a lot of fun.”


Mary Ellen Klas @MaryEllenKlas: Since @FLGovScott won’t take Qs from reporters, maybe he’ll take them from constituents. Please ask: What initiatives can you take credit for that demonstrate you operated as an ‘outsider’ in Tally? Will you be filing your financial disclosure in 30 days or getting extension?


Steve Contorno @scontorno: Scott walked out the same way he came in and staff blocked media from asking questions and following him out.


David Hogg @davidhogg111: Post the reason for why you won’t vote for Rick Scott with the #notscott


Ryan Deitsch @Ryan_Deitsch: He adopted a dog as part of his campaign in 2010 then returned it shortly after the election. #NotScott …


PolitiFact @PolitiFact: Leading up to a potential #FLSen race, Gov. Rick Scott made a full flop on oil drilling. 


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