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Self-Serving Scott's Week in Review: Rick's No Good Very Bad Rollout

Self-Serving Scott’s Week in Review: Rick’s No Good Very Bad Rollout 


Along with being greeted with a host of criticism and bungling his rollout, Rick Scott faced a host of serious issues including facing a complaint for breaking federal campaign laws, him refusing to disclose his finances, and Floridians being reminded he deceived them about offshore drilling in just his first week on the campaign trail. 


Busted Breaking the Law A federal watchdog filed a complaint against Rick Scott for illegally using his PAC for his Senate campaign. And then his team made the violation even clearer by sharing work by the PAC on behalf of his Senate bid. Not only has Rick Scott been looking out for only himself, but he’s also broken the rules in doing so. 


Sure, Rick Scott’s PAC had nothing to do with his Senate campaign – except for paying his consultants, paying for polls, him being the chairman and raising money for it, and it magically transforming into a pro-Rick Scott PAC and website right when he announced. 


Rick Scott showed yet again he doesn’t think he has to follow the law or tell the truth.


On the Clock Rick Scott is still hiding his finances. He’ll eventually have to disclose his financial interests, with his current secret account breaking the rules for Senate candidates, and people might better understand how he managed to become $46 million wealthier as governor. What is he hiding?

Click here to see how long it’s been since Scott entered the race while deciding to keep his finances and conflicts of interest a secret from Floridians.  


Drilled for Dishonesty More evidence this week of Rick Scott misleading Floridians about offshore drilling … Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, one half of the thespian troupe that concocted a scheme to say Rick Scott saved Florida from offshore drilling — indicated yet again Florida water and beaches are not safe from drilling and the state has no exemption. A committee filed a complaint accusing Zinke of violating a federal law that doesn’t allow government resources to be used for politics — like scoring Rick Scott cheap political points.


Some other lowlights for Rick Scott during the week of his botched rollout, when people were repeatedly reminded about his failed, self-serving politics that left behind more than half of the state:



Oh, and decent people didn’t forget Rick Scott dumped that beautiful dog after using Reagan as an election prop. It says a lot that Rick Scott turns his back on people and pets. Reagan deserved better and so do the people of Florida.



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