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Hypocrisy: Rick Scott Claims He Wants Transparency, Still Silent on When He'll Disclose Secret Account Info

Rick Scott on Washington: “We as Americans need to know what’s going on. It needs to be complete transparency.” Rick Scott on disclosing his own financial interests since announcing his run for U.S Senate: Silence.

Florida Democratic Party spokesman Sebastian Kitchen released the following statement on Rick Scott’s continued refusal to disclose his financial interests:

“Eight days into his U.S. Senate campaign and nothing but silence from Rick Scott on his plans to disclose his financial assets. Rick Scott said there ‘needs to be complete transparency,’ yet he refuses to disclose his own secret account so the people of Florida know what he has been hiding and how he has become $46 million wealthier while he is in office. There is a reason he is still fighting in court to keep from disclosing his finances as governor – his self-serving politics have enriched him and his donors at the expense of Floridians.”

Click here to see how long it has been since Rick Scott entered the race for U.S. Senate yet has refused to disclose his finances to the people of Florida.

Find more about Rick Scott, including him enriching himself and his conflicts of interest, at

Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald: Court fight continues on Rick Scott’s blind trust. Tallahassee lawyer argues for disclosure 4/6/2018

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