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Make DeSantis Wait Again: With Trump in Florida, DeSantis Does Everything He Can to Get the President's Attention

17 Days After DeSantis Said Trump Would Campaign for Him, He Still Hasn’t Shown Up

Donald Trump is back in Florida for the week and hobnobbing with the likes of everyone from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Marco Rubio to Carlos Curbelo.

Yet the President’s biggest supporter is being left out: Ron DeSantis.

On April 2 — seventeen days ago — DeSantis told the Polo Republican Club that “I think the president’s going to come down for me very soon. Which will be very good.” Yet instead of actually campaigning for DeSantis, Trump has made him wait. It’s not the first time. As Politico Florida reported, last year Trump also promised to tweet his support for DeSantis — and then delayed that endorsement for weeks.

“Ron DeSantis’ entire campaign strategy is built around Donald Trump’s endorsement — so it must be particularly painful to be ignored by Trump this week,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “DeSantis has completely ignored talking about Florida issues or to Florida reporters and instead has focused solely on praising the President and calling for the prosecution of his political opponents. Yet it’s Carlos Curbelo and Marco Rubio — not right-wing Ron — who get Trump’s love.”

DeSantis has been doing everything he can to get Trump’s attention:

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