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Rick Scott Demonstrates Hypocrisy as He Raises Money From Lobbyist He Bashed as Insider

“Scott’s bashing of insiders doesn’t mean he won’t take their money. And there’s nothing new with that, especially for Scott.”Politico Florida

Rick Scott is bashing insiders and saying he will shake up Washington, but tonight he is joining some of the biggest insiders including Mitch McConnell in Washington for a fundraiser. Scott’s also raising money with Haley Barbour — who called Scott a liar and funded ads pointing out Scott’s record of Medicare fraud. Scott, in turn, called Barbour an insider.

As Rick Scott prepares to fundraise with ultimate insiders in Washington tonight and still refuses to disclose his conflicts of interest, Florida Democratic Party spokesman Sebastian Kitchen released the following statement:

“Rick Scott is going to shake down Washington – not shake up Washington. Scott cannot run against insiders when they’re who is funding his campaign. He is deceiving the people of Florida to pretend, when he his hanging out with career politicians and lobbyists in D.C., that he is an outsider. Rick Scott wants to go to Washington to do the same thing he did in Tallahassee – look out for himself and his donors, which has worked well since he is worth $46 million more than when he took office.”

Rick Scott is being called out for his hypocrisy as he cozies up to insiders and talks about term limits while running for his third term in office. He has also been campaigning for more than 10 days now, but is still hiding his secret account and conflicts of interest from Floridians.

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