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Special Interests Already Misleading Floridians About Rick Scott's Self-Serving Record

Florida Democratic Party spokesman Sebastian Kitchen released the following statement in response to special interests already lining up to spend heavily to deceive Floridians and defending Rick Scott’s record that left more than half of counties with fewer jobs:

“Special interests supporting Rick Scott cannot erase his record: thanks to Scott’s self-serving politics half of Florida counties have lost jobs and wages are at the bottom of the nation, but he’s used his position as governor to make himself $46 million richer. The only people who have benefitted from Scott’s self-serving politics are himself and his donors.”

Here are the facts about Rick Scott’s record of leaving behind half of the state while working to enrich himself:

Associated Press Headline: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Worth Nearly $150 Million

Pensacola News Journal Headline: Scott’s Job Promises Missed Most Floridians

Miami Herald Headline: Many Promises, Few Jobs, The Rick Scott Jobs Record

Palm Beach Post Headline: Florida’s Low Wages Are Nothing To Brag About, Gov. Scott

Florida Politics Headline: Jobs In Florida Cities Have Lowest Pay In The Nation

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