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Rick Scott Delays Releasing Finances, Conflicts of Interest

On Tuesday, Rick Scott filed an extension with the Senate Ethics Committee to delay filing required federal forms to make his finances public and disclose his secret financial account — his latest effort to continue hiding his conflicts of interest and how he’s used his position as governor to enrich himself by $46 million. Scott has been planning his run for months, if not years, so there is no legitimate excuse for his continued secrecy. He has already waited more than two weeks after hiding his finances from the people of Florida for more than seven years as governor.

As reported by numerous outlets, Scott’s secret financial account, his so-called blind trust, violates federal disclosure rules for Senate candidates, and the Florida Democratic Party has launched this digital clock to track how long Scott has been in the race while hiding his finances. Scott’s financial scandals have also dominated the early days of his campaign: the campaign finance watchdog group End Citizens United has filed two FEC complaints detailing how he illegally coordinated with his Super PAC, he’s ignored questions on the campaign trail about disclosing his assets, and a recent report detailed how Scott awarded business with Florida’s pension system to investment firms that have contributed to his Super PAC. Scott is also facing an ongoing state lawsuit over his refusal to disclose his secret account.

From Florida Democratic Party spokesman Sebastian Kitchen: “Rick Scott could not make it any clearer — he doesn’t want the public to know how he’s used his position as governor to enrich himself at Floridians’ expense, so he’s trying to hide his conflicts of interest and financial entanglements as long as possible. Even as his self-serving politics cost Florida jobs, driven wages to the bottom of the nation and increased health care costs for middle-class families, Scott’s manipulated the system to make himself $46 million richer — and now he’s trying to cover it up.”

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