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It's Been a Rough Week for Self-Serving Scott

Florida Politics: “Scott had not offered meaningful disclosure about how he became $46 million richer while governor.”

Rick Scott’s third week in the race was, like the others, dominated by his incessant financial scandals because of his self-serving politics and him only looking out for himself and his donors. Scott’s emergency management chief for FEMA funding also stepped down because Scott’s administration has continued to bungle its response to hurricanes leaving communities without much-needed aid as they recover.

Pay to Play

Retired workers blasted Scott for skirting the law and playing politics with their pensions. They worked hard for their pensions – he managed to use the pension business to compile more cash for his Senate campaign efforts — again putting himself above the people of Florida.

Still Hiding His Conflicts of Interest

Scott filed for an extension to continue hiding his secret financial account, which is barred for Senate candidates, and his massive conflicts of interest that allowed him to enrich himself and become $46 million richer as governor. Scott refused Thursday to address the unethical contributions he received from those with state pension business or why he is trying to delay releasing his finances for as long as possible.

Disastrous Administration

Scott’s emergency management chief for FEMA funding stepped down Tuesday after the administration failed in their response to hurricanes that destroyed property in much of the state, according to Politico. Scott administration policies have severely slowed down the recovery efforts.

Ignoring Real Needs for Photo Ops

State Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith called out Rick Scott as he “continues to ignore the real needs of Puerto Rican evacuees in exchange for photo ops on the island to make it look like he cares,” according to the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

Lying in State

“I’m completely transparent,” Scott told Florida Politics, forgetting he used his office to help keep his finances and conflicts of interests secret and is currently fighting in court to continue to do so. And this is the same man who ducked accountability when his company defrauded Medicare and health care for our troops by over $1 billion, yet still pleaded the 5th 75 times to protect himself from incrimination.

Hiding from His Friend Trump

Rick Scott is a close friend and ally of Donald Trump, but is trying to downplay his relationship with the unpopular president as he runs for Senate, according to the Tampa Bay Times. But voters know Scott is an ally.” They are both responsible for driving up health care costs for Floridians, while pushing for policies that benefit themselves.

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