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Florida Leaders Blast Rick Scott for Lack of Action on Puerto Rico

Florida leaders released the following statements ahead of Rick Scott’s campaign appearances in Kissimmee and Tampa:

Statement from Congressman Darren Soto:

“Rick Scott kicking Puerto Rican evacuees out of his last event in Kissimmee tells everyone all they need to know about where he truly stands – regardless of all of his political posturing and grandstanding. Senator Nelson has been a champion for Puerto Ricans both in Florida and on the island, spending time in the communities, listening to the needs and leading efforts in Congress to secure critical funding for the island. Rick Scott created a housing crisis by cutting affordable housing funds, and instead of advocating for Puerto Ricans, he caved to his friend Donald Trump who cut off assistance and turned his back on the island and fellow Americans.”

State Senator Victor Torres Jr.:

“In the days immediately following the storm, Rick Scott did little more than visit the island for a photo op and now, as he runs for Senate, he continues to use this issue to help his political career. As housing, healthcare and education needs continue to grow in the community, Rick Scott’s record of cutting the programs that so many of our families and communities depend on become more evident. Months later, as the island continues to rebuild and our communities here in Florida face a housing crisis, we are reminded of Rick Scott’s empty promises and failure to lead when our communities need it the most.”

State Rep. Amy Mercado:

“Governor Rick Scott has always put himself and his interests first at the expense of Floridians, particularly our Puerto Rican community. This is evident in how he has dealt with public education, refusing to expand healthcare to hundreds of thousands of Floridians, and the continuous raids of affordable housing funds to give tax cuts to a select few. Rick Scott has proven he’ll do anything for a political win, while our communities are left behind.”

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