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Corcoran Endorses Putnam: Swamp Creatures Uniteu2014You Have Nothing to Lose But an Election

Tomorrow, House Speaker Richard Corcoran is expected to endorse Adam Putnam. Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Kevin Donohoe released the following statement:

“Adam Putnam and Richard Corcoran are career politicians who have spent decades enriching themselves and accomplishing nothing for the people of Florida. By embracing Corcoran, Adam Putnam is bringing one of the most well-fed alligators in the Tallahassee swamp onto his team. Putnam is also making clear that Corcoran’s far right policies—which include selling out students to the charter school industry, demonizing immigrants, and vehemently opposing Medicaid expansion—will be the priorities of the Putnam administration. Corcoran’s endorsement is just the latest sign that Putnam is rapidly moving to the right and is aggressively competing with Ron DeSantis for the support of the Trumpian base.

“With the candidates now set, the Republican gubernatorial primary will be a brutal contest between the worst of Washington and the worst of Tallahassee. This is going to be one of the ugliest, hottest summers Florida Republicans have ever seen—and whoever emerges as the eventual nominee will be deeply damaged.”

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