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Rick Scott Is Raising Money from Big Oil Interests

Scott fundraiser proves he cannot hide true drilling record

Rick Scott is headed to Texas today for a big-dollar fundraiser with wealthy oil and gas interests among those hosting the event, according to reports from the Tampa Bay Times and Politico.

“Scott has refashioned himself as a vocal opponent of offshore oil drilling, but tonight he’s planning to attend a Houston fundraiser hosted by Robert Rowling, who is a chief executive officer of a company that … drills for oil in the Gulf waters,” according to Politico Florida.

The fundraiser is just further evidence that Scott’s flips flops and political stunts were just that—stunts—to mislead voters during an election year to hide his more than seven-year assault on the environment including his support of drilling near Florida’s shores and beaches, gutting agencies intended to protect the environment, and not even allowing staff to say “climate change.”

Scott asking for, and gladly accepting, oil and gas money shows his true colors—him placing his big-dollar donors above the people of Florida.

Florida Democratic Party spokesman Sebastian Kitchen: “Rick Scott will be in Texas today raising big money from wealthy oil and gas interests while, in Florida, he has been trying to hide his shameful environmental record including supporting drilling off of Florida’s shores and beaches. Scott is endangering this state’s greatest natural resource and our tourism-driven economy to further his political interests and deepen the pockets of his donors.”

Robert Rowling, who is hosting the fundraiser at his house and likely contributing the maximum $10,800 as a host, “controls TRT Holdings, which is connected to Omni Hotels, Gold’s Gym and Tana Exploration Co., an oil and gas business,” according to the Tampa Bay Times. Tana Exploration is “an oil and gas company that operates throughout the Gulf Coast, according to a news release,” the San Antonio Express-News reported in 2017.

About eight other members of the host committee have oil and gas connections and Scott himself, a former attorney for oil and gas industries, also has investments in oil and gas companies.

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