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Absent Adam: As Putnam Campaigns in Brandon, Dems Ask: Does Putnam Ever Go to Work?

Putnam Campaigns on the Taxpayer Dime

Does Adam Putnam ever go to work?

In the past week, Putnam has seemingly been neglecting his official duties for a series of campaign events right in the middle of the work day.

Today, for example, Putnam is starting his week by opening a campaign office in Brandon. Last Wednesday, Putnam spent his afternoon in Orlando. And last Monday, Putnam did two campaign events hundreds of miles apart — making it likely that between travel time and politicking, Putnam likely had very little time to do his actual job as Florida’s agriculture commissioner.

“Adam Putnam is running around Florida campaigning on the taxpayer’s dime — and neglecting his official duties. Florida taxpayers pay Adam Putnam a hefty $128,000 salary to protect consumers, defend agriculture, and administer the state’s concealed carry system. Instead of looking out for Floridians, Putnam is looking out for his political future. Is it too much to ask Putnam to do his job?” said FDP spokesperson Kevin Donohoe.

Putnam brags on social media about his multiple campaign stops each day — and apparently has no problem flaunting the fact that he’s choosing to campaign instead of doing his job. Putnam has a checkered record during his eight years at the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services: under his leadership, the Department’s concealed carry background check program has broken down repeatedly. And Florida’s agriculture industry is facing unprecedented challenges — challenges that you would think would require Putnam’s full-time attention.




10:00 AM ET — Putnam will open a campaign office in Brandon


5:00 PM ET: Fundraiser in Orlando



10:30 AM ET — Campaign event in Riverview Florida

3:00 PM ET — Campaign event in Panama City


3:00 PM ET: Campaign event in Orlando

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