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Rick Scott, Adam Putnam Silent on GOP Candidate's Bigoted Comments on Puerto Ricans


For the past day, Rick Scott and Adam Putnam have failed to join other Republicans in condemning John Ward’s bigoted comments about Puerto Ricans. Ward — who is running for the Republican nomination in Congressional District 6 — said that “Puerto Rican evacuees in Florida should not be able to vote” and implied they should go back to the island.

FDP Executive Director Juan Penalosa released the following in response to Scott and Putnam’s failure to denounce Ward’s rhetoric:

“Rick Scott and Adam Putnam’s refusal to condemn John Ward’s racism is an act of moral cowardice and a stunning failure of leadership. By staying silent, Scott and Putnam are aiding and abetting Ward’s Trumpian bigotry. If Scott and Putnam really want to represent all Floridians, they must make clear that John Ward’s racism has no place in the state of Florida.”

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