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FDP: Adam Putnam Must Give All Donations from Dog Shooter Fundraiser to Animal Shelters

Adam Putnam should immediately take any donations he received from dog shooter Christopher Comins’ fundraiser and donate them to animal shelters in the Orlando area.

Putnam cancelled his fundraiser hosted by dog shooter Christopher Comins — but he is still taking his money. It cost $500 (at a minimum) to get into the Comins fundraiser tonight in Orlando. Comins also donated $2,700 to Putnam’s campaign in March.

“Adam Putnam’s campaign right now is funded in part by a man who tried to murder dogs. Putnam needs to immediately take any funds he received from dog shooter Christopher Comins’s event and give it to a local animal shelter. It’s not enough to just cancel a fundraiser, Putnam needs to make a clean break with a man who tried to murder dogs. In 2018, leaders from both parties should agree that animal cruelty is a moral abomination and will not be tolerated,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Kevin Donohoe.

Below is the invitation to the now-cancelled fundraiser:

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