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Scott Stammers & Fumbles: Can't Defend Cuts to Substance Abuse Prevention & Low School Funding

Tonight Rick Scott stammered and mumbled when confronted about his self-serving politics – unable to defend why he did not adequately fund education and how he’s cutting substance abuse prevention programs.

Transcript of Rick Scott’s rambling, incoherent non-answer to a question about his record (we apologize in advance for this being hard on people’s eyes and ears):

Noah Pransky: You suggested that local school districts should dip into reserves to pay for school funding that wasn’t appropriated by the legislature. How come you weren’t using your executive power to dip into the reserves for the state on the DOC cuts that are impending?

Scott: Going to back school… I mean, they have… 2 billion, the school districts are sitting on 2 billion dollars worth of cash. Um, on top of the money we gave them. And then, on top of that, the um, there’s 67 million dollars that was in the for the training dollars. And I’m working with.. I’m going to work with the legislature to try to do, move that also to fund um, for school safety in our schools.

Pransky: And DOC?

Scott: DOC.. in the last three years, I’ve asked for, I think $378 million that the legislature hasn’t funded, which I’m disappointed they haven’t funded. And, so, we’re going to continue to work with the Dept. of Corrections to get them the resources they need, but you’re right, it’s disappointing.

Pransky: I’m sorry, the question though was, how come you’re not using your executive power to save these programs this week?

Scott: Well, I’m, I mean, I’m working through the budget that we work with the legislature, and as you know, I… I propose a budget and I took the time to propose what I thought was necessary. The legislature actually gets, is actually the one that gets to pass the budget.”


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