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Putnam Agonistes: The Struggle is Real

Even Some Supporters are Beginning to Question Whether Adam Putnam is “Ready for the Big Leagues”

Adam Putnam’s campaign for governor is threatened by a clear and present danger: Adam Putnam himself.

The candidate’s long career in Washington, his “proud NRA sellout” self-own, and his clear effort to out-Trump Ron DeSantis are haunting his campaign and doing serious damage to the man once seen as the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination. The Orlando Sentinel today reported that Putnam and DeSantis’ strategy “to out-Donald Trump each other in their anti-immigration rhetoric” is worrying some Putnam supporters like Rep. Bob Cortes. Cortes told the Sentinel that Hispanic voters are “probably not going to be a huge factor in the primary, but they’re definitely a huge factor in the general and don’t wait until after the primary to reach out to them.” And it’s not just Putnam’s race to the right that’s causing problems for him — his life-long record of keeping “his deep-pocketed friends happy,” as the Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen put it, could make even Republicans uneasy.

As the Tampa Bay Times’ Adam Smith wrote, Putnam “has not had a tough race in two decades, and there is valid evidence to wonder if he’s ready for the big leagues.”

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