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Rick Scott's Cronyism Now Boosting His Senate Campaign


Scott appointees to key posts funding his campaign

A new Politico report reveals that the cronies Scott appointed to key positions in state government – like Carlos Beruff – are contributing to his Senate campaign. This report follows an earlier Politico story revealing Scott is also accepting campaign contributions from allies of the Venezuelan government, and follows a wave of reports about Scott’s cronyism. Read more about those reports here, here, here, here, here and here.

Those donors include Darlene Jordan and Beruff, who like Scott has a history of shady business practices.

As Beruff previously gave about $75,000 to Scott’s state political committee, Scott continued to appoint him to key positions. In a trend for Scott, he appointed Beruff to a commission that reviewed hospital spending despite Beruff having no experience in health care and despite racially insensitive comments.

Florida Democratic Party spokesman Sebastian Kitchen: “Rick Scott has put state government up for sale – giving key posts to his largest donors and to inexperienced political operatives loyal to him. This is more evidence Scott cannot be trusted and has taken every opportunity to enrich himself and his big-dollar donors – putting himself and his political future above the people of Florida.”

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