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Ron DeSantis Ratchets Up His Slash and Burn Campaign

A slew of news reports are making one thing clear: Ron DeSantis is running a slash-and-burn, Trumpian campaign for governor. Instead of softening the hyper-partisanship that has made him a Fox News favorite, Ron DeSantis is ratcheting up the rhetoric on the campaign trail. And the results are ugly.

Yesterday, the Tampa Bay Times reported that at an event on Saturday in Citrus County, DeSantis was railing against the state’s Supreme Court when a DeSantis supporter shouted “I have a tree and a rope in my backyard.” Then, another supporter yelled “bring back the hanging tree.” DeSantis said nothing — and his campaign later appeared to defend the remark.

Sound more like Breitbart than a future governor of Florida? Breitbart likes that. Rebekah Mercer — one of the site’s owners — cut a $25,000 check for DeSantis a few days ago. The site has also emerged as one of DeSantis’ nastiest attack dogs, publishing multiple articles attacking Adam Putnam and defending DeSantis’ conservative credentials.

It’s now clear that DeSantis intends to run a campaign where he defends the President on cable television — and courts the most fringe voters back home in Florida.

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