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FDP: Dana Young Shifting Excuses About Not Doing Her Job

Embattled State Senator Dana Young continues to mislead her Hillsborough County constituents about why she refused to do her job during the assault weapons vote on March 3, 2018. It was widely reported that during the Florida Senate vote on an assault weapons ban, despite multiple quorum calls, Senator Young ducked out of the Chamber and didn’t vote at all.

At the time, it was reported she had a “personal matter” to attend.

This was communicated to multiple reporters at the time — then the subsequent outrage forced her to change her story about why, even after the quorum calls, she walked out of the chamber.

Yesterday, the Tampa Bay Times reported she now says she had “urgent legislative business” off the floor of the Senate. This directly contradicts all published reports at the time and the reports from her own staff.

All this creates new, urgent, and critical questions about this mysterious newly urgent legislative business.

FDP Spokesperson Caroline Rowland released the following statement after Young’s latest excuse:

“Failure to provide any proof of this newly discovered “urgent legislative business” will prove that Senator Young is trying to cover up her failure to do her job during one of the most important moments in Florida legislative history, when the eyes of students, parents, and the entire country were on Florida.”

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