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New Report Shows How CFO Jimmy Patronis was Part of Pay-to-Play Scheme

A bombshell new report from Politico details how the disgraced state Cabinet, Office of Financial Regulation Commissioner Drew Breakspear was pushed out because Jimmy Patronis’ campaign donors weren’t happy with him. Politico outlines reasons for Breakspear’s resignation saying he “clashed with a host of powerful interests he oversees in the months leading up to Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis calling for his ouster,” and that these same interests personally lobbied Patronis to remove the regulator.

FDP Executive Director Juan Penalosa released the following statement in response to the latest revelations:

“It’s now clear why Breakspear was forced to resign in shame, to benefit Jimmy Patronis and his political donors. This is just the latest example of the corrupt business going on inside of Patronis’s office, and the pay-to-play atmosphere he and Rick Scott encourage. Floridians can’t trust Jimmy Patronis to look out for their best interests when he’s only looking out for his rich friends.”

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