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As Court Battle Continues, Rick Scott Still Hiding Personal Assets and Conflicts of Interest


After Rick Scott delayed disclosing his personal assets and conflicts of interest as a federal candidate, he continues to battle this in court, fighting two battles to keep his conflicts of interests from the people of Florida. Now that the 1st District Court of Appeals will hear arguments about whether Gov. Rick Scott has properly disclosed assets in secret bank account after a previous judge refused to dismiss the case, the question is begged yet again, just what is Rick Scott hiding from Floridians?

Since he became governor, Scott has taken numerous actions that benefit himself financially to increase his wealth by at least $46 million. As reported by numerous outlets, Scott’s secret financial account, his so-called blind trust, violates federal disclosure rules for Senate candidates.

In response to the latest news about Scott’s secret assets, Florida Democratic Party Spokesman Nate Evans released the following statement:

“Rick Scott is a walking conflict of interest. But because of Scott’s ongoing legal efforts – along with his refusal to disclose his assets as required by Senate ethics rules – Floridians still don’t know all the ways he’s using his position as governor to enrich himself. Floridians deserve to know the full extent of Rick Scott’s self-serving politics, but his actions make it clear he has something to hide.”

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