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At Public Safety Announcement, Will Adam Putnam Answer the NRA's Demand to Repeal MSD Law?


A New Candidate Questionnaire Wants Gubernatorial Candidates to Support Guns on Campus, in Churches — and Repeal of Florida’s New Gun Control Law. How Will Adam Putnam Answer the NRA Questionnaire?

If Adam Putnam was serious about public safety, he would come out against the NRA’s demand to repeal the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School Safety Act at his press conference in Tampa today.

Putnam is releasing a new white paper on public safety today — but a preview piece the AP has already noted that the plan simply “reinforces current policy.” In other words, it’s a nothingburger.

The real question for Putnam is whether he will back the NRA’s call to repeal the Marjory Stoneman Douglas gun safety law — and support allowing guns on college campuses and religious institutions.

In a new questionnaire to gubernatorial candidates, Marion Hammer makes clear that she wants the MSD Act repealed. The questionnaire distributed to gubernatorial candidates includes three different questions about repealing the gun control law passed in March — questions that Putnam will be forced to answer affirmatively to earn the organization’s endorsement this fall.

Coming clean about whether he will support the NRA’s push to expand gun control will say a lot more about whether as Governor Putnam will keep Floridians safe than a bunch of recycled talking points and policy proposals on the opioid crisis Putnam has already announced.

From the NRA questionnaire sent to gubernatorial candidates:


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