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Rick Scott Refuses to Protect Healthcare for Millions of Floridians

Rick Scott refuses to stand up for Floridians’ access to quality and affordable healthcare coverage after the Trump Administration recently launched an effort to strip protections for those with pre-existing conditions. According to recent estimates, over seven million Floridians have pre-existing conditions.

In response to Rick Scott’s refusal to denounce Trump’s effort that could strip healthcare from millions, Florida Democratic Party Spokesman Nate Evans released the following statement:

“Rick Scott, a key architect of the GOP’s failed health care repeal that would’ve jeopardized coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, has consistently pushed for weakening healthcare for Floridians. He has consistently looked out for himself over the people of Florida by cozying up to his good friend Donald Trump and even helping him craft policies that would increase healthcare costs for millions while reducing his own taxes by up to $500,000.

While Rick Scott’s refusal to stand up to President Trump’s latest move that could jeopardize health care for over seven million Florida residents with pre-existing conditions is abhorrent, it isn’t surprising given his record.”

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