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"Democrats Press Scott on Pre-Existing Conditions"

As reports emerged Tuesday that Republicans are introducing new legislation that would put insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions at risk, here in Florida Rick Scott and Republicans continue to support a lawsuit that would do just that.

On Monday in Tampa, led by Congresswoman Kathy Castor, Democrats slammed Rick Scott for continuing his assault on the ACA, and supporting a lawsuit led by his Administration, that would undo critical protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Nearly seven million Floridians have pre-existing conditions, and this lawsuit could take us back to a time where they are able to be discriminated against by insurance companies.

Also on Monday, led by Congresswoman Lois Frankel and State Senator Lori Berman, Democrats slammed Rick Scott for causing uninsured rates to soar – after his decision not to expand Medicaid.

While Democrats highlighted Scott’s cruel record on healthcare in Tampa and West Palm Beach, Senator Bill Nelson continues to fight for people with pre-existing conditions, holding a roundtable Monday in Orlando.

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