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FDP Requests Information on What Putnam Knew About Roller Coaster Crash u2014 and Why He's Not Investigating His Agency's Inspectors

Putnam Promised Accountability — But Refuses to Investigate His Own Staff Who Signed off on Dangerous Roller Coaster

In response to a report that the Department of Agriculture’s will not investigate its own staff’s role in the Sand Blaster roller coaster crash, the Florida Democratic Party today submitted a public records request to Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam’s office demanding communications related to the agency’s investigation into the crash — and all records of past safety inspections of the roller coaster.

“It’s disturbing that Adam Putnam is refusing to investigate his own department’s role in the Sand Blaster crash. Putnam promised full accountability and a thorough investigation into the crash. Instead this looks like a classic cover-up. That’s why the Florida Democratic Party is demanding that Putnam’s office release all documents related to inspects of the Sand Blaster — and his agency’s role in green-lighting this dangerous roller coaster,” said FDP spokesperson Kevin Donohoe.

On Wednesday, WKMG reported that Putnam “didn’t give a straight answer” when asked whether the inspectors who signed off on the dangerous Sand Blaster roller coaster were under investigation. Just a few hours later, his office confirmed that it was not suspending or investigating the inspectors. Putnam had previously promised a full probe into the crash, which hospitalized nine individuals.

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