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Preparing for the Blue Wave: u200bFlorida Democrats u200bField Record u200bNumber of Candidates in 2018

Today, the Florida Democratic Party ​announced a record number of candidates running for ​the State Legislature — with strong candidates contesting every State Senate seat and more than 100 House Districts being challenged​ by quality Democrats who are presenting an alternative to 20 years of GOP rule in the state of Florida.

The announcement represents an unprecedented energy and enthusiasm from Democrats all across the state, ​with candidates running in many districts that haven’t had Democratic candidates in over a decade.

“From the Gubernatorial race, to State House and Senate, to county commissioners and mayors, we have the most qualified, committed, and exciting group of candidates we have ever seen,” said FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo.

“We have a record number of people who have stepped up to run, and what this shows us is that no GOP seat is safe. After nearly 20-years of all Republican-rule, Floridians are fed-up with economic policies that don’t benefit working families, they are tired of their children’s education being short-changed, and they are tired of leaders who have failed to take action on everything from gun violence prevention, to climate change.”

There is a record 82 women running as Democrats in Florida Legislative races, and dozens more running on the municipal level.

“Women will be the difference in 2018, I do truly believe that,” said FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo, “They ​are instrumental to the success of the Democratic Party, and they feel more empowered than ever to take their future into their own hands by running for office.”

There are currently 16 Democrats among the 40 state senators. By winning five additional seats this November, Democrats can regain a majority in the Florida Senate.

Below are the Democrats who qualified for Senate races:
Senate District 2 – Mary Jeanne Gibson, Fort Walton Beach
Senate District 4 – Billie Bussard, Jacksonville
Senate District 6 – Audrey Gibson, Jacksonville
Senate District 8 – Kayser Ennenking, Gainesville & Olysha Magruder
Senate District 10 – Michael Cottrell
Senate District 12 – Gary McKechnie, Mount Dora
Senate District 14 – Melissa Martin, Cocoa
Senate District 16 – Amanda Murphy, New Port Richey
Senate District 18 – Janet Cruz, Tampa
Senate District 20 – Joy Gibson, Tampa & Kathy Lewis, Wesley Chapel
Senate District 22 – Bob Doyel, Winter Haven & Ricardo Rangel
Senate District 23 – Faith Olivia Babis, Sarasota
Senate District 24 – Carrie Pilon
Senate District 25 – Robert Levy, Port St. Lucie
Senate District 26 – Catherine Price, Lake Wales
Senate District 28 – Annisa Karim, Naples
Senate District 30 – Rubin Anderson, West Palm Beach & Bobby Powell, Jr., West Palm Beach
Senate District 32 – Lauren Book, Plantation
Senate District 34 – Gary M. Farmer Jr., Fort Lauderdale
Senate District 36 – David Perez & Julian Santos, Hialeah
Senate District 38 – Daphne Campbell, Miami & Jason Pizzo
Senate District 40 – Annette Taddeo, Miami

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