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Trumpwatch: Is Mike Pence Over Adam Putnam?

With Friends Like These…

Has Mike Pence dropped Adam Putnam?

Six weeks after the New York Times reported that Pence was working behind the scenes for Putnam, a White House official has told CNN that Pence might actually come to Florida to campaign for Putnam’s opponent, Ron DeSantis.

Here’s the CNN report:

If true, the report is the latest blow for Putnam after a month of controversy and scandal. Two weeks ago, Bay News 9’s Troy Kinsey reported that some Republicans believed Putnam was “compromised” after it was revealed his Department had approved hundreds of concealed carry permits without completing background checks. Putnam’s mismanagement of the concealed carry system also drew a sharp rebuke from Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz.

A Pence endorsement of DeSantis would be a significant personal loss for Putnam. The two men have a long-standing friendship from when they both served in the U.S. House. During a 2017 visit to Florida, Pence called Putnam an “old friend.” And Putnam told the Miami Herald in 2016 that “Mike Pence is a level, steady, consistent guy” and “180 degrees different” from Donald Trump.

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