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As Rick Scott Heads to D.C., Floridians Sign Letter Telling Him To Stand Up To Attacks On Pre-Existing Conditions

Scott bragged about crafting the GOP’s recent health care bill that would slash coverage for people with pre-existing conditions (while giving himself a tax break).

As Rick Scott heads to D.C. to hobnob with donors, Floridians from 38 counties across the state signed a letter calling on him to demand Donald Trump stop his attacks on protections for pre-existing conditions.

Statement from Florida Democratic Party Spokesman Nate Evans:

“The people of Florida are speaking loud and clear: Rick Scott must stand up to his good friend Donald Trump’s attacks on protections for pre-existing conditions. Despite self-serving Scott’s recent empty rhetoric, the fact remains that he has neither called on his own Attorney General or his ally Trump to stop their onslaught on pre-existing conditions.”

Read the full letter on Politico.


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