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If The Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, Adam Putnam and Ron DeSantis Would Lead Florida's War on Women

If far right conservatives on the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, Florida Republicans would wage a new war on women — with Adam Putnam or Ron DeSantis leading the charge. Both candidates have spent their careers attacking women’s health and aligning themselves with some of the most anti-choice organizations in the country. And as governor, if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, either candidate would likely sign legislation that would attack women’s health — and outlaw abortion in Florida.

Putnam Said The Human Life Amendment, A Constitutional Amendment Which Would Ban All Abortion, Was “In Line With My Philosophy.” In October 1996, The Lakeland Ledger reported, “Putnam said he did not believe the issue would ever arise in the Legislature. But asked whether he would support the Human Life Amendment in the national Republican platform, which calls for a constitutional amendment to ban abortion, Putnam said, ‘It is in line with my philosophy.'” [Lakeland Ledger, 10/31/96]

In June 2018, Florida Family Action Endorsed Putnam, Said, “We Believe He Will Fight to Protect Human Life at Every Stage.” According to Florida Politics, “Stemberger, who also announced his personal endorsement of Putnam, said that was his organization’s impression as well, saying, ‘We believe he will fight to protect human life at every stage.’ Putnam got the endorsement over his Republican rival U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis after both made presentations in May at the group’s annual gala. ‘It’s become clear to us that Adam Putnam is the clear choice for Florida’s future,’ Stemberger said. ‘The next Governor of Florida needs to be a proven leader who knows Florida. No one knows Florida backwards and forwards, policy, people, demographics more than Adam Putnam.'” [Florida Politics, 6/20/18]

Putnam Has a 100 Percent Lifetime National Right to Life Rating. According to Florida Politics, “Putnam claims a lifetime 100 percent National Right to Life rating and a 98 percent Family Research Council rating.” [Florida Politics, 6/20/18]

A Palm Beach Post Editorial Said in the US House Putnam “Was a Tax-Cutting, Gun-Owning, Abortion-Banning Lawmaker.” According to a Palm Beach Post editorial, “Indeed, Mr. Putnam is a tough guy to stereotype. His conservative credentials are beyond dispute. In the U.S. House, he rose to a top leadership position when the GOP ran things. He was a tax-cutting, gun-owning, abortion-banning lawmaker.” [Palm Beach Post, editorial, 5/29/11]

In May 2018, Putnam Said, “If the Heartbeat Bill Gets to My Desk, I Will Sign It.” According to the News Service of Florida, “Both candidates oppose abortion, with Putnam telling the council members that he would support a ‘heartbeat bill,’ which would prohibit doctors from performing abortions if a fetal heartbeat can be detected. Iowa’s Republican governor signed such a bill Friday, setting up a legal fight that supporters hope could lead to a test of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. ‘If the heartbeat bill gets to my desk, I will sign it,’ Putnam said, recounting listening to the heartbeat of one of his four children before birth. ‘That life is real. It should be protected. It should be defended.'” [News Service of Florida, 5/6/18]

DeSantis Was Endorsed By The Family Research Council Action PAC. “The Senate campaign of Ron DeSantis scored another key endorsement, via the FRC Action PAC. The FRC Action PAC opposes Common Core, and describes itself as giving ‘our members the ability to support deserving, pro-family statesmen. It also allows our supporters to counterbalance the numerous special interest groups on the left that have long used PAC money to run negative ad campaigns and to discourage godly men and women from running for office.’ Jerry Boykin, the Executive Vice President of FRC Action PAC, contends that Rep. DeSantis has proved that he ‘will stand up for the Constitution and fight for the rights of the people.’ ‘We applaud your efforts to ensure taxpayers are not forced to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs and pay for abortions as well as your work to put Americans’ health care in the hands of the people, not the hands of the government,’ Boykin continues. ‘My thanks to FRC Action for the endorsement and I am pleased that the campaign is attracting the support of those who advocate for a culture of life and a strong society,’ said DeSantis, who vowed to ‘continue to advocate for the elimination of Common Core, protection of religious freedom, and repeal of Obamacare.'” [Florida Politics, 11/23/15]

FRC: Roe v. Wade Was “Wrongly Decided,” “We Look Forward to the Day When This Grave Error Will Be Corrected.” According to the Family Research Council, “Few things touch on the sanctity of human life more than the practice of abortion. A pregnancy should not simply be ‘terminated,’ as if it were something impersonal and problematic and it cannot be without physical and emotional consequences. A child in the womb is a distinct, developing, wholly human being, and each time a mother decides or a father pressures to end such a life it is a profound tragedy. Abortion harms the mother as well, and deprives society of the gifts of the unborn. Nevertheless, our laws rarely recognize this, and so FRC uses various media to present the intrinsic dignity of unborn human life and the costs of abortion to the public, to lawmakers, and to the courts. The Roe v. Wade decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, declaring abortion to be a constitutional ‘right,’ was without foundation in the text of the Constitution and thus was wrongly decided, and we look forward to the day when this grave error will be corrected.” [Family Research Council, accessed 6/1/18]

DeSantis Said He Was Very Proud of His 100% Pro-Life Voting Record. “[00:01:54] RON DESANTIS: Thank you. Thank you. It’s great to be here. I’ve been in congress. This is my second term and I have 100% pro-life voting record that I’m very proud of and was just recently endorsed for the U.S. Senate by the Family Research Council.” [Ron DeSantis Speech, Christian Family Coalition, 12/11/15] (AUDIO)

In 2018, DeSantis Received a 100% National Right to Life Rating. [National Right to Life, accessed 6/1/18]

In May 2018, DeSantis’ Spox Said He Would Sign a Heartbeat Bill. According to the Tampa Bay Times, “Putnam’s main rival in the GOP race, Rep. Ron DeSantis, would sign the legislation as well, campaign spokesman Dave Vasquez told the Tampa Bay Times on Monday.” [Tampa Bay Times, 5/7/18]

Tampa Bay Times: Heartbeat Bill “Has Been Described as One of the Most Restrictive Abortion Bills in the Country.” According to the Tampa Bay Times, “The ‘heartbeat bill’ has been described as one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the country and directly challenges the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade. But what is it?” [Tampa Bay Times, 5/7/18]

DeSantis Voted To Create A Nationwide Ban On Abortions Performed At 20 Weeks Or Later, Except In Cases Where The Life Of The Woman Is In Danger. In June 2013, DeSantis voted for: ‘Passage of the bill that would create a nationwide ban on abortions performed at 20 weeks or later, except in cases where the life of the woman is in danger. It would provide exceptions to the ban in cases of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest against a minor, if it has been reported to law enforcement or a government agency authorized to act on reports of child abuse. It also would impose criminal penalties on physicians who violate the ban and subject violators to a maximum five-year jail sentence, fines or both.’ The bill passed by a 228-196 vote. [H.R. 1797, Vote 251, 6/18/13]

Politico: “Most Far-Reaching Abortion Legislation in the House in a Decade.” “The House Tuesday passed a bill that would ban most abortions nationwide after 20 weeks. The most far-reaching abortion legislation in the House in a decade, it was passed 228-196, mostly along party lines.” [Politico, 6/18/13]

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