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WATCH: Putnam's Offensive Answer on Puerto Rico

Hundreds of Puerto Rican Families Are On the Verge of Losing Their Homes Tomorrow — and Adam Putnam Doesn’t Care.

In a tone deaf response at last night’s debate, Adam Putnam said that Florida “rolled out the welcome mat” and “provided housing” for families displaced by Hurricane Maria. Putnam completely ignored the fact that hundreds of Puerto Ricans are hours away from losing their housing and refused to call on the Trump administration to extend assistance for these families.

Putnam has largely ignored outreach to Florida’s Puerto Rican community during his campaign. His debate comments are just the latest indication that he will do nothing to help families displaced by Hurricane Maria.

“Last night, Adam Putnam made clear that he doesn’t care about the hundreds of Puerto Rican families in Florida who are on the verge of of losing their housing. Instead of calling on Donald Trump to extend assistance, Putnam ​provided the most tone-deaf answer of the night, implying that Puerto Ricans should be grateful to Republicans for rolling out the welcome mat to families displaced by Hurricane Maria. Putnam has ignored every opportunity to take a stand that would help Puerto Ricans – and voters will remember this in November,” said FDP Executive Director Juan Penalosa.

Watch Putnam’s tone deaf response to Puerto Rico:

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