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"Trump and Rick Scott Have Clearly Washed Their Hands of This Terrible Tragedy"

Yesterday, leaders from around Florida called on Rick Scott and his good friend Donald Trump to take action as hundreds of Puerto Rican evacuees stand to lose their housing. This comes after Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker used state funds to extend housing for evacuees for another thirty days, which begs the question, why has Scott not done the same?

Congressman Darren Soto: “Trump and Rick Scott have clearly washed their hands of this terrible tragedy. In Florida, we have over 500 evacuee families that stand to lose their housing. Yet, Rick Scott has chosen inaction over leadership. Thank you to Latino Justice and US Fed Judge Leo T. Sorokin for standing up for these families and extending the TSA Hotel Voucher Program until July 5. We await tomorrow’s hearing for potential, additional extensions. Unidos!”

State Rep. Carlos G. Smith: “The reality it that hundreds of Puerto Rican families could be totally homeless, or functionally homeless, because Rick Scott refused to take any action to support these evacuees. We have other leaders across the country, even Republican leaders, announcing that they will use state funds in order to continue to support displaced Puerto Ricans. And yet, Rick Scott turned his back.”

State Rep. Amy Mercado: “The clock is running out on Donald Trump’s handpicked candidate Rick Scott to stand up for the people of Puerto Rico. Time and time again, Scott has refused to advocate on behalf of Puerto Ricans and call on Trump to extend assistance for these families, instead choosing to further his own political interests by cozying up to his close ally Trump. Now, the consequences are dire.”

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