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Florida Environmental Experts Call Out Rick Scott's Poor Record On Water Issues

“Rick Scott helped create the problems we have today”

On a conference call, Florida environmental experts and leaders called out Rick Scott’s abysmal environmental record and shined a light on his role in contributing to the current algae bloom problem.

Aliki Moncrief, Executive Director of the Florida Conservation Voters speaking on behalf of the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund: “Every time there is an election, Rick Scott’s story changes when it comes to his real environmental protection values. Not only has Scott laid off scientific staff, completely dismantled environmental agencies, he also spent years fighting water quality standards. Rick Scott cut budgets, while also advancing bad policies. Now, it is too little too late, and he is not even beginning to scratch the surface of what the real solutions are.”

Chris Dzadovsky, St. Lucie County Commissioner: “In his first year, Rick Scott gutted the regulatory agencies and staff focused on water issues in Florida. Those are the professionals that keep the contaminants out of our waterways. Eight years later we are experiencing the dire results of those regulatory cuts. Now, we are seeing Scott take credit, when in fact he helped create the problems we have today.”

Wayne Daltry, Florida Democratic Environmental Caucus: “Rick Scott has exercised no leadership to actually help the algae bloom and water quality problems. Scott started, in 2011, gutting key policies that would’ve enabled prevention and some positive action that could have helped Everglades restoration and general environmental quality.”

Dr. John Capece, Ph.D, Florida Democratic Environmental Caucus: “There is a climate change aspect to the algae bloom problem, we need to ensure that all of our actions are part of a larger strategy to address climate change. Rick Scott has not done that.”

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