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FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo on Pam Bondi, Adam Putnam Campaign Event in Orlando

By Accepting Pam Bondi’s Endorsement, Adam Putnam is Endorsing Her Attacks on Floridians’ Health Care

Putnam Greeted by Protestors at Orlando Event

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement on Adam Putnam’s campaign appearance this afternoon with Attorney General Pam Bondi, his fellow cabinet member who has brought a lawsuit against protections for pre-existing conditions. Putnam was greeted by protestors before the event:

“Pam Bondi and Donald Trump are actively trying to take away health care from millions of people and gut protections for pre-existing conditions — and Adam Putnam supports both of them. By accepting Pam Bondi’s endorsement, Adam Putnam is backing Bondi’s cruel attacks on Floridians’ health care. Bondi and the Trump administration are leading the fight to take away health care from Floridians with pre-existing conditions. By campaigning with Bondi today, Putnam is making clear that as governor he will not protect Floridians with pre-existing conditions.”

Putnam has made clear that as governor he will deny health care to millions of Floridians. Putnam supported Donald Trump’s repeal of the Affordable Care Act, has cheered Trump’s health care sabotage, and repeatedly said he does not support expanding Medicaid. Instead of laying out a plan to protect Floridians’ from rising health care costs, Putnam has largely ignored the issue on the campaign trail and doesn’t even mention it on his site. Poll after poll shows that health care is a major for voters in both parties — and the latest Fox News survey showed that it was Republican voters second most important issue this cycle.

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