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Reports: Trump-DeSantis Campaign Rally "Rattles" and Divides Florida Republicans

GOP Strategist Reportedly Sees Trump Rally as a “potential trigger for Putnam supporters that could lead to a party divide”

Donald Trump’s rally for Ron DeSantis is sparking an intense backlash from Adam Putnam supporters — and leading at least one GOP strategist to publicly worry that the “resulting bitterness may hurt the eventual [Republican] nominee in the general election.” According to Republican operative Mac Stipanovich, Trump’s appearance with DeSantis on Tuesday could represent a “potential trigger for Putnam supporters that could lead to a party divide moving forward.”

Putnam supporters are already publicly slamming Donald Trump — the leader of their party — for backing DeSantis. In a letter published by the Tampa Bay Times, Republican activist Nancy Graves said that Trump’s intervention in the gubernatorial race has left her “very disappointed and disillusioned in President Trump.” Putnam supporters have echoed that criticism in papers across the state. And the animosity between the two sides isn’t just limited to the op-ed section: this weekend, DeSantis supporters were accused of rigging a straw poll at a Sarasota GOP rally.

With just a month before the primary, one thing is sure: the increasingly nasty and divisive primary will seriously damage whoever wins the nomination.

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