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WATCH: Local Residents Fed up With Rick Scott's Handling of Algae Crisis

Stuart Residents Also Highlighted Actions Scott Took as Governor to Help Create the Algae Crisis

As Rick Scott visited Stuart yesterday, local residents lined up to express their displeasure that Scott has taken little action to help algae crisis that is devastating their community. After out-right lying about a “security concern”, Rick Scott did not speak with any residents, nor did he answer any questions from the media.

Responding to Rick Scott’s refusal to meet with members of the public after his visit, former Congressman Patrick Murphy told the TCPalm, “If you are uncomfortable about a situation and know you are wrong about something, you probably don’t want to answer questions on it,” referring to Scott’s gutting of the Department of Environmental Protection and the South Florida Water Management District. “There is no good explanation for these cuts in these agencies and cuts in the budget while continuing to support industries that are polluting. That is why he is avoiding these questions, he doesn’t want to face the music, and he knows that reporters and constituents will have tough questions and he doesn’t want to answer for it.”

Here is just a sampling of the news coverage featuring outraged residents from Scott’s trip yesterday:

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