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Florida Democratic Party Announces Francine A. Garcia as Interim Treasurer

The Florida Democratic Party is excited to announce the appointment of Francine Garcia as Interim Treasurer. Garcia is a strong Democrat who brings decades of experience in Finance to the Party.

“We are so honored that Francine has accepted the role of Interim Treasurer, and know that she will be a huge asset to our Party at this time,” said FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo. “She brings years of experience in finance to the table and has been committed to electing Florida Democrats for the past decade, serving in crucial roles in Central Florida.”

Garcia worked for Madison Square Garden/Radio City in New York City for 27 years serving as Manager of Entertainment Finance. After moving to Florida she started working with the Democratic party in a number of roles, including serving as a Treasurer for Orlando4Obama Grassroots Organization, Lake County DEC Treasurer, Campaign Treasurer for Rep. Amy Mercedo, Campaign Treasurer for Senator Victor Torres, Lake County State Committeewoman, Treasurer for the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida, and Treasurer of the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida PC.

“I am so excited and honored to take on this new role at the Florida Democratic Party,” said Garcia. “It is a crucial time for our country, and our party, and the work the FDP is doing couldn’t be more important. I look forward to working alongside Chair Rizzo as we work to elect more Democrats.”

A vote will happen at the State Executive Committee meeting in early March on Garcia’s appointment as Treasurer.

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